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Vital Ingredient
A loving combination of tradition and artistry


Dear Customers,


This is an introduction to the Bozzo family business and to our philosophy on bread, cake and pastry making.


Our recipes and techniques have been handed down to us by our elders over many generations, since our very first bakery in 1964 at our Royal York location. These are recipes and techniques that we treasure and preserve to this day.


With our traditional blend of low yeast sourdough and sponges, we bring to you some of the finest breads that can possibly be produced. Our cakes and pastries are made with fresh eggs (not frozen, dry or any processed formulation); fresh milk (not powdered); the very best cocoa (not artificial); pure vanilla (not essence), and the very best chocolate available.


Above all, the most vital ingredient to this art comes from the heart. The art of bread, pastry and cake is a passionate mélange of love and respect for what we receive from our earth.


Through our love we create. And through our respect we continue with our tradition.


Sincerely Yours,
The Bozzo Family


La Villa Bakery & Cafe

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